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Supplier of Kalrez O-Rings


Dichtomatik are an authorised distributor for Dupont Kalrez O-rings.


Dichtomatik UK have the capabilities to deliver throughout the UK and Europe.   We can supply over 55,000 various types of O-rings and seals and our range of stock is constantly being extended.


We have a wide range of products available. Please click on the links from the list below for individual product information and to check stock availability online. We supply o-rings and seals to a variety of different industries. 


Our products:


dichtomatik O-rings
dichtomatik Rotary shaft seals
dichtomatik Piston seals
dichtomatik  Back-up rings
dichtomatik  V-rings
dichtomatik  Piston rod seals
dichtomatik  Cords
dichtomatik  Axial seals VRM
dichtomatik  Wipers
dichtomatik  X-rings
dichtomatik Boxed service kits dichtomatik  Guide element
dichtomatik  Bonded seals   dichtomatik Cover seals


As an o-rings supplier we offer a range standard and non-standard compounds and understand that our customers require products for both common and not so common applications. For the best service experience all new customers should either email us or call us on 0845 463 1039 so we can talk through your requirements .To see what our current customers say about us visit our testimonials page.


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