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UK Supplier of Kalrez O-rings


Dichtomatik are an official authorised distributor for Dupont Kalrez O-rings.   


Description: O-rings, also known as a O-seals or O-packings, are one of the simplest, yet most engineered, precise, and useful seal designs ever developed. They are one of the most common and important elements of machine design. Sizes are specified by the inside diameter and the cross-section diameter (thickness).


Industrial Applications of O-rings

Applications: O-rings are commonly used throughout the hydraulic and pneumatic industries as well as all types of general engineering where a sealing function is required. They are used in many diverse engineering applications in both a static and dynamic form and can also be used for light duty drive belt applications. Whatever the temperature, pressure or media requirement, there are usually various O-rings to cover the application.Common variants include back-up rings and O-ring cords.


About Dichtomatik

Dichtomatik: Dichtomatik are a supplier of O-rings in all different materials and hardnesses to meet all British and International standards such as BS 1806, BS4518, ISO 3601-1, DIN 3771-1, SMS 1588, JIS 2401, AS 568, NF T47-501. A brochure is available on request.

There are a number of different types of O-rings, including back-up rings and O-ring cords, available from Dichtomatik. Call us on 0845 463 1039 for further technical information, general enquiries and ordering or you can email us here.


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