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Axial Seals

Axial Seals



Description: VRM axial seals mount on a shaft and seal against a housing. They act in a similar way to conventional V-ring seals, but are constructed from a steel housing together with a rubber V-shaped conical lip. Because the VRM axial seal is  rotating, it acts as both a seal and a flinger, deflecting away any foreign liquid or materials from the sealing face.  



Applications: VRM axial seals are commonly used throughout the power transmission and general industry in many diverse applications; they are particularly suited to applications where ingress of water or other contaminants is important such as marine or earth moving equipment. VRM axial seals are often used in conjunction with a conventional metal cased rotary shaft seal, where the shaft seal performs the primary sealing function and the VRM seal acts as a heavy duty excluder for any foreign liquid or materials.


Dichtomatik: Dichtomatik are able to supply VRM axial seals in both VRM 01 and VRM 02 (extra heavy duty) styles in nitrile (NBR) material.


Please see below some of the different types of V-rings available from Dichtomatik. Call us on 0845 463 1039 for further technical information, general enquiries and ordering or email us here.


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