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Description: Bonded seals are a metal washer with a trapezoidal elastomeric sealing ring bonded on the internal diameter. The metal washer prevents bursting forces from deforming the sealing ring. Bonded seals were designed to replace copper type washers that had previously been used in high pressure systems. As well as the standard designs, a self-centering design is also available that centrally locates to eliminate any offset during assembly.


Applications: Bonded seals are commonly used throughout the hydraulic and pneumatic industries particularly where either low or high pressures are present. 

Dichtomatik: Dichtomatik are able to supply bonded seals in all popular thread and bolt sizes with passivated mild steel or stainless steel metal elements in either standard or self-centering profiles.


Please see below some of the different types of bonded seals available from Dichtomatik. Call us on 0845 463 1039 for further technical information, general enquiries and ordering or email us here.


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