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Description: Boxed service kits offer a handy source of O-rings or O-ring cord for emergency or field service operations.


Applications: O-rings are commonly used throughout the hydraulic and pneumatic industries as well as all types of general engineering where a sealing function is required. They are used in many diverse engineering applications in both a static and dynamic form and can also be used for light duty drive belt applications. Whatever the temperature, pressure or media requirement, there is usually an O -ring to cover the application.


Dichtomatik: Dichtomatik are able to supply O-rings kit boxes in all different materials and hardnesses to meet all British and International standards such as BS 1806, BS4518, ISO 3601-1, DIN 3771-1, SMS 1588, JIS 2401, AS 568, NF T47-501. A brochure is available on request.


Please see below some of the different types of O-rings kits available from Dichtomatik. Call us on 0845 463 1039 for further technical information, general enquiries and ordering or email us here.


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