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Rotary Shaft Seals from a UK Supplier



Description: Rotary shaft seals, also known as radial shaft seals or just simply oil seals are used to seal rotary applications such as a shaft or rotating bore. Early designs utilised a leather sealing lip in conjunction with a garter spring and are still used today for some applications. However, the majority of modern day rotary shaft seals utilise an elastomeric sealing lip in conjunction with a garter spring.


Applications of Rotary Shaft Seals

Applications: Rotary shaft seals are used throughout automotive, power transmission and general industry in many diverse applications. Wherever a bearing is used there will normally be a rotary shaft seal of some type to seal the bearing and prevent the ingress of dirt and water. 


Dichtomatik: Dichtomatik are able to supply rotary shaft seals in a vast range of seal designs and profiles to suit all applications. As well as traditionally used imperial dimensions, rotary shaft seals are available in all the dimensions covered in the DIN 3760/ DIN 3761 international standards. A brochure is available on request.


Please see below some of the different types of Rotary Shaft Seals available from Dichtomatik. Call us on 0845 463 1039 for further technical information, general enquiries and ordering or email us here.



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